octopus energy: £50 account credit

Referral Discount

£ 50

Account Credit

When will you receive it?

typically within a few weeks of switch

Referral Code

Either copy and paste this link below to a browser window to start placing your order with Octopus Energy or click on link below to directly open the page.


octopus energy: Refer a Friend

Get £50 Referral Discount with Octopus Energy!

Join Octopus Energy today and enjoy a £50 referral discount credited to your account when you sign up using the referral link . You can also quote the referral code “eager-ant-391” when calling Octopus Energy to avail this. Transitioning to Octopus Energy is swift and straightforward, and our referral code ensures seamless activation on your first attempt.

By clicking on my Octopus referral link, you will be directed to their website for a prompt quotation. You can promptly enroll with Octopus Energy.

There’s no need to manually input Octopus referral code on their website if you started by clicking on the link, it automatically gets applied. Upon enrollment, your £50 bonus will be credited to your account, typically within 2 – 3 weeks.

For business customers, a £100 bonus each is available. Simply tap the share button, navigate to “Looking for business supply”, select “find out more”, provide your details for a quick quotation, proceed with the switch, and receive a £100 bonus.

If you have joined Octopus Energy without a referral code, dont worry. As detailed in last FAQ below, you can effortlessly claim your £50 bonus even if you’ve switched without an Octopus referral link.

Please note, starting April 1st, 2024, Octopus will compensate new customers £30 if the switch isn’t completed within 5 days. Thus, you could potentially receive a total of £80 upon switching. Refer to Ofgem’s implementation of the 5-day switch guarantee for further details.

How It Works:

  1. Use a Referral Link: Sign up for Octopus Energy using a referral link provided.
  2. Activate Your Account: Once your switch is completed, you will each receive a £50 referral discount credited to your accounts.


Q: How do I use a referral link?

A: Simply click on the referral link provided when signing up for the energy service.

Q: How will I receive my referral discount?

A: Your £50 referral discount will be credited to your Octopus Energy account within a specified timeframe after your switch is complete.

Q: What if I cancel my service within a month? A: If you cancel your service within a month, you will not be eligible for the referral discount.

Q: What if joined Octopus without an Octopus Energy refer a friend code? A: Just log into your account, scroll down and click on Forgot your referral, then just copy and paste my refer a friend code eager-ant-391, and tap send. You should receive your £50 bonus within a few weeks.

Ready to Start Saving? Sign up for Octopus Energy using a referral link and start enjoying £50 referral reward!

Terms and Conditions:

For full details on How It Works & Terms & Conditions, please visit Octopus Energy at https://octopus.energy/blog/octopus-referrals/